Saturday 12th February - Farnham Town Round-Up!

After an outrageous night out in Camberley a couple of weeks ago for certain individuals and they know who they are (BBM, WEZA) will the same be said for this coming weekend. A mini-social Ben Williams said, and will be interesting to see if that is the case by the end of the night, especially if we get a positive result at Hayes Gates on Saturday.

WAGS day out at Farnham Town!
A great result on Saturday from the boys with a 3-0 win over Sheerwater and to see the WAGS there made it even more special. The two that turned out for the day saw a better performance from Farnham Town and maintained their winning streak. Mrs Corbett enjoyed the game so much that she decided to go back to university with the famous Farnham Town wolly hat in order to promote the club in different parts of the country. It was clear to see that BBM was not happy which could be the reason behind him missing that one on one against Frimley on Tuesday night. Also a thank you to the second WAG, Mrs Williams for her support on a cold and blustery day.

Wezza v Gaffa
Does Wezza seem to have the upper hand in the dressing room at the moment or is the gaffa just playing it cool? Who knows but it is all fun and games in the changing room at the moment when it comes to the one and only Wes. He seems to only be interested in the banta and getting the gaffa to bite – costing him £2.00 a time. It is clear to see that Wezza can’t wait for Magaluf and if he gets a game now and again then that is the bonus.  Will this banta explode at some point? I look forward to Saturday to see what is on offer.

Farnham 3-2 Frimley Green
Simple report to be ho
nest, first twenty we were Danny, Bruce, Kieran dyer and deserved to go 1-0 down.  However, as usual that kicked start us and by half time we went 3-1 up. Jonny Horner with two and the “class act” 2011 with one (better mention 32 in 32). Second half was a bit of a battle we had chances but failed to put the ball in the back of the net. We then conceded a late penalty and the game ended 3-2. Frimley played well I thought they worked hard in stages of the game but could not maintain their effort levels for the 90 mins and we punished them for this. Frimley didn’t really have anything upfront at that seems to be the problem with the teams at the bottom end of the division. We had 4 or 5 good chances in the first half and scored 3 of them.
Big game Saturday and we need to get going early doors and keep possession a lot better. On a much better surface I am optimistic that if we all go there in the right frame of mind and work hard we will bring back 3 points which will put pressure on other teams around us as they play one another.

A Close eye on Horner!
Could I make a plea to Farnham Football Club to keep a very close eye on the fragile Jonny Horner. I appreciate he is going through a difficult time at the moment and I don’t want to go into details for the reasons why. I hope him scoring two goals on Tuesday night goes to some way to restoring his confidence. If there is any help or advice you need Jonny then we are all here to support you in the best way we can. We all understand the difficulties you must be going through at the moment but it does not seem to be affecting your performances on the pitch which is good to see. 

P.S Magaluf soon Jonny!


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